Do you use the CV input visualisation dials in Braids?

Braids owners, how often do you use the CV input visualisation dials in Braids, as illustrated below, and would you miss them terribly if they were absent in some alternative Braids firmware that you hypothetically might want to use at some stage?

I use

Whats that little green satellite PCB to the right?

The pictured module wasn’t made by me, it’s Schrab’s, made in Irkutsk. I think the little green PCB is a voltage regulator recovered from an old mobile phone.

Yeah, the O’Toole looks the business.

Yeah, I could live without them.

It is quite handy sometimes to check where you are with cv and trig, but I use it just for checking not always on this page…Otherwise I use little bicolored-light that I plug on a stackable…
But in the end there is always a work around if needed.

I don’t use them ever.

Hadn’t played with that feature until you mentioned it. I rather like it!

never used

I have since discovered that removing it saves very little space, because Olivier implemented it very cleverly in an extremely parsimonious manner. So it will probably stay in Bees-in-the-Trees.

Yeah, that’s just a handful of bytes

Damn…I never knew what that was. Where have I been?