Do I want it?

Hi guys,

My aunt is visiting. She is asking if I want a “Keithley Instruments, Inc. 414A” picoammeter she has stading around.
I never saw one before but I am wondering if anyone knows if this might come in handy when going deeper into DIY synth’ing?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

No really. Its made to measure VERY small currents

Okay, that’s what I thought when I saw this line: Note: This is a very sensitive instrument which will register a change in current if you pass your hand through your hair, etc…
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

No. In SDIY, you’ll deal with mA and µA.

uhm, just out of curiosity: what does your aunt do?

measuring picoamps?

Yeah, because last time my aunt visited us and brought me something, it was socks and waffles, not test equipment.

now i want a pic of the socks… poidh!

She’s retired now but used to play the violin in a symphony orchestra. Why wouldn’t she need a picoammeter? :wink:

But it all makes a bit more sense when I mention that her late husband (my mother’s brother) was an electronic engineer, working for good old Niels Bohr. As was my late father and the reason my aunt mentioned the picoammeter was that I was asking if she still had my fathers old oscilloscope standing around. She didn’t know what it looked like and mentioned the picoamm.

nice story

Thanks. The whole DIY thing made me discover that I feel like I have a heritage to live up to in the electronics department. Paying homage or something… so I’m reading a lot these days!

I know the feeling, my uncle was an SSO at GCHQ , then later employed Seymour Cray, and at one time was President of Control Data Corporation.
quite rich.

Very impressive! :slight_smile:

It gets scary
This guy who interviewed my uncle (John.W.Lacey) went on to become Chief Information Officer for NASA!
Lee Holcomb Supercomputers
my uncle here as well John W. Lacey

and here


Wow, NASA… wow!
I’m enjoying the weekend with a nice doze of the flu so I’ll save the reading. But it sounds really impressive :slight_smile: