Do I need amp module for Clouds?

simple question - do I really need to amplify signal for Clouds input if I want to use it for guitar ?
I don’t own it yet, I am just in the process of putting together my first modular synth. I have read that that users recommend amp modules, but I have also seen vids with guitar straight into Clouds and everything is working just fine.

also manual says it has line level to modular level audio input gain range.

little bit confused here.

You can plug a guitar right into Clouds, you’ll get enough gain, but you might get a loss of low-frequencies. It’s not a problem of gain but of input impedance.

thanks! sorry for stupid question - does it mean that Clouds wont be able to “read” low frequencies of guitar signal ?

Only if the guitar is patched directly into Clouds. And the actual range of frequencies that is attenuated depends on your pickup.

Do you have any pedal? Just a simple buffer/booster? You won’t have any problem if you patch the output of a pedal into Clouds.

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Yes, I have a buffer pedal. Thanks, all clear now!