Do I need a midipal?

I’m at the point where I have six mono parts rocking slightly different patches for great pads and I would like to make some chords but of course they all only recognize an individual note. Through software I have no problems with this because I just pencil in notes on different midi channels but I would like to play all that goodness. Is midipal for me?

You can use the MidiPal note dispatcher for this. And this would be a very cool function for the Ambika indeed.

everybody needs at least one midipal. :slight_smile:

what are your ‘six mono parts’ made of?

if they are six shruthis, you could simply use the shruthis’ polychaining option.

if they are six analog synths (or six voices in an analog modular system), a polyphonic midi-to-cv/gate interface like the muc-xxx might be your best option.
the midipal’s dispatcher app can do it, too, but you would still need six midi-to-cv/gate converters.

if they are six midi-controlled monosynths, midipal dispatcher would be just perfect for the job.

and of course, the midipal does so much else, that everybody needs at least one. :slight_smile:

[edit:] oh, i only just saw that this was an ambika-related thread, silly me. :slight_smile: yes, i’m sure in this case the midipal would be perfect. (unless olivier has any plans of actually implementing this kind of feature into the ambika’s own software)

Very excellent! It’s time to think of another tale for the girlfriend why this purchase is so very necessary.

Midi dispatch will alert you not not to leave clothes on the bathroom floor.

And it runs on a battery too!

Shiftr, she realized batteries were bad when I started shruthi-ing on the John and while watching tv with her. I love me some portable synthesis!

Just to share my joy, my midipal came yesterday! And aside from sh-101 sequencer making my brain flip, the dispatch app is fantastic for what I was hunting- super lush pads! Thanks gang