DIY USB host - MIDI DIN converter - USBpal released


I am a musician. And I want to buy the product. I regret that you did not send the goods in Russia. Maybe can you send the goods in the future? How much is the product? Or give me a link to the price, please. Thank a lot and regards.



@dim Let’s do it! PM sent.



No problem by sending from EU to Russian post office.
Problem is with courier services. Mostly receiver must be registred company when you send with courier.



Thank you Adrian for the input.



Hello :slight_smile: i build this project. all good. flashed. controller powers on. oxygen25. the leds on UsbPal board flash intermittently. no midi out. all parts correct. not shure if i used that ferrite…400ohm i guess they were but it shouldn’t be an issue i guess. i recompiled the rom and flashed the rom you provided…no luck still the same. Any feedback will be appreciated :smiley: thanks



Hi Condor,
After power on with no controller attached, the two USB LEDs flash alternately once per second. When a controller is attached to one of the USB host ports and properly recognized as USB MIDI compliant, the associated LED stops blinking and stays on. Afterwards any messages are transmitted and shown by flashing the MIDI LED.
Is your USB LED turning over from blinking to lighting after plugging in your controller? If not, the controller is not recognized. Did you check another controller?
The ferrites shouldn’t be that crucial though I didn’t test it without. I guess you bridged the pads?
An image of your board would be helpful.



i used oxygen m-audio 25 and korg nanoknotrol 1. but none were recocnized. The ferrited used something like 400ohms.



The board looks fine so far.
A 400 Ohm ferrite means 400 Ohm @ 100 MHz. At dc it should have 0 Ohm, you could check this with a multimeter. If the dc resistance is not nearly zero the controller is not powered properly.
Are you sure that the four 47pF capacitors around the four 27 Ohm resistors in the USB signal path are of correct value?
Did you try both USB ports?
Did I get it right that if you not plug in any controllers the green LEDs blink alternately at 1 Hz?
How do you power USBpal during check?
Korg Nanokontrol should definitely work as I developed it with this.



will check those 47pf :slight_smile:
Yes both usb ports.
Yes leds blink alternately at 1 hz
powered via usb no hub. directly from pc.
The nanokontrol Scene 1 LED turns on for 1 second. then off. and stays that way.
The oxygen stays on.
Will order the proper ferrites and try again :smiley: and check those caps but i`m pretty sure i got them.
Thanks for the quick response.



As the firmware seems to run I would suspect a hardware issue. Since there are not many components involved in the USB path you could check again this area again for solder bridges, solder residues, etc as shown here:



Yes. bad soldering on 27ohm resistors. 0603 :slight_smile: working. m-audio oxygen25 on shruthi1 perfectly. :smiley: Thanks man.
Happy new year :smiley:



Congratulation Sir!
Even more as you completely self-sourced the whole project
Happy new year!



Yeah…pcbway. Working really great with shrthi1 and oxygen25. mention that is 3rd generation oxygen. mapped some cc on the controller and its an awsome “synth” now.
Thanks again for this project. I will implement it in eurorack to.



hi, I had some pcb’s made too. do you have a mouser cart or a bom with part numbers by any chance? It would make it so much easier. I’ve never programmed vinculum 2 chips before, so it’ll be an adventure :slight_smile: if you have any advise or useful resource on that, I’d also appreciate that.
I’m planning to hardwire it behind a yarns, so I’d have a ‘usb yarns’



Hey. i built it with what i had around. just some resistors and caps a cristal an a regulator. usb took it from an old motherboard. vinculum is pretty straightforword to pragam. open project and burn. you need a special programer. i bought it from farnell. build is easy if you done smd before. or if you are new… …fuck it…its easy. use 0805 caps and resistors. just becareful soldering i used 0602 and had some cold solder spots on 2 resistors. any problem contact me :smiley:
good luck



thanks, yeah I have a lot of experience with smd, I have a lot of 0603 lying around, so I was actually planning to use those. I’ve done it before, should be okay :slight_smile: but I was mostly interested in the part numbers for the more unusual parts plus the hardware.
thanks! :slight_smile:




I shared a mouser cart but didn’t checked for completeness.
Important things are the debug module, the 2 mm pitched pinhead to connect this, the jacks, the VNC2 of course, the ferrite, and the fuses. And there is a large 33R 0.5W resistor to meet the MIDI specification.
The PCB is made for 1206 easy soldering.

Anyway, the project is still on my desk - if anybody is interested in a full device please pm.



hi, I’m actually having the same issue as Sparky before. debugging device is not recognized by either the IDE or Vinprg… As far as I could see his problem never got resolved, right? (I’m using a 12.288mhz crystal, but I’m hoping that’s not the issue) Any ideas why it could be? Thanks!



If you use that instead of 12MHz, then this is exactly your problem.



I was hoping that was the case :slight_smile: thanks!
(Btw im still working on the arc clone… the case is a little tough)

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