DIY Synth Builders Room 101

The place for all the annoying crap that infuriates you when doing it yourself.

No.1 The bloke that tapes up the end of IC socket tubes at Farnell - cheers mate. BTW the tube has a stopper in it - you dont need to tape the bastard up as well…

Farnell (or element14 as they are known here in Oz) love split shipping. One order, with free shipping, will always arrive in 3 or more deliveries, each one typically a day or two apart. The record was an initial shipment, followed three days later by a beautifully packed box lined with foam rubber, with a single knob in it. Then another one the next week with three more. And then later that week another box with the final knob, and one outstanding resistor. And finally another box the next day with four polystyrene caps. Guys, you’ll go broke carrying on a business like that.

I have a single OKI78SR51 delivered from mouser - by FedEx 24h before 9oclock Express delivery.
Parts value 3,41€. Shipping (split delivery, so its free) according to FedEx Price list 37€.

another mouser stupidity when splitting up shipment is that they subtract the missing parts from the bill and do also a separate debit once the missing parts are on the way. i wouldn’t be surprised if they also let go of the employee and hire a new one each time a shipment is split.

My nemesis is the big R, a.k.a. Annoyotron they always mess up at least one item per order in such a way, that i do not have a chance to improve something and have to go through the process of sending it back and reorder !

Reichelt? they usually send the right stuff when you complain but don’t want the crap back. at least not 4cm big WWIII-proof switches.

Pretty much every company that lists a part as being out of stock with no restock before 2 or 3 months, forcing me to hunt for equivalents or go shopping at the shady places (radiospares). And then, 2 days later, poof, 25000 pieces back in stock!

Split shipments of ammo-pack resistors.

Rare, backordered part that arrives 6 months later.

Connectors or knobs individually bagged.

Mouser delivering 750 LM13700s split into 6 bags with different part counts from different chaotic storage locations in the warehouse distributed equally all among the other bags of chips. Or splitting 4500 100n s into 2x2000pcs 1x478pcs and 1x22pcs . . . . luckily all in one delivery

What’s shady about RS components? Their pricing is a bit off with the others. A lot of things really expensive but also sometimes really cheap.

RS at least allow you to make a credit card order less than £20 - but you pay £5 for delivery. I remember when RS were a bigger outfit than Farnell in UK - the good old days when you had to request datasheets to be sent by post or, after a technological revolution - faxed…