DIY Solder Fume Extraction for under 10€

Hi guys,
i was thinking about to get a solder fume extraction. I did some research and found this, which i really like and wanted to share with you. The nice guy is speaking german, but very easy to get the point…

Hope this is a little help for newby like me…

Have fun.

That’s almost exactly what I’ve got except mine came from an old computer.

I did the same thing with a fan from one of the dead PCs at work. I did house mine in a fancy Colissimo cardboard box with a switch. No more fumes! :slight_smile:

Same here though I did mine with a cheap USB-powered desktop fan with some carbon filter tie-wrapped onto the grill. Might ditch that for one of these big PC fans though as they are 12V compared to my feeble 5V one.

Side note: anyone else think that video could’ve been a LOT shorter? :slight_smile:

Main objective of everything i try to do (except the Art of Derailment™ ) is nailing things to the point. Id say you’d need 45 seconds for this?

That’s exactly what I was saying about 45 seconds from the end :slight_smile:

glad that you like it.