DIY Parts EU Plea

Hi All,

I realise this forum is no longer DIY-focussed (not a complaint), but in the spirit of the original MI community…

In our wonderful “statue-fetishising, Farragist, Sunlit Upland etc. etc,” post-Brexsh*t times, I’m finding it challenging ordering DIY components from the EU, as a proud citizen of our shiny new/19th Century Global Britain.

Un-called-for rant aside, it would be really cool if a fellow forum member from he EU could do me a massive favour, and help me source some components from TME that seem to be unobtainium anywhere else.

I’d have to items send to you, and cover postage from you to London, plus a bit more for the hassle.

@pichenettes feel free to tell me to “take it to Muffs” if you think this is no longer the right place for such requests.

I can help. Hit me up. Oootini at yahoo dot com



“Un-called-for rant aside” Too right it was uncalled for.

So its all “Brexsh*ts” fault, and nothing to do with COVID? Brexit caused the world wide electronics parts shortage did it?

No, but the particular part I’m after was never available from anywhere else (I spent a long time looking, long before Brexit or Covid happened).

It’s not Covid causing EU businesses to stop shipping to the UK, ie

I’ve heard separately from a well-known Germany-based “one-man’band” supplier of Eurorack hardware that Brexit-related red tape has made it untenable to continue shipping to the UK.

Obviously, that’s not the main reason I’m angry about the whole thing, but you’re right - this isn’t the right place for political discussion (particularly domestic politics, given this is an International forum).

I’m sorry my words were offensive.


Thanks very much, I will do that!