DIY Panels!


love it !

Really quirky but nice and well carried out design @TheSlowGrowth !

Received my test panel. Looks really great, I guess I’ll make more panels like that for other modules as well. Price was 30$ for three, that’s okay.
Only downside: I made a misstake on the “sunray” pattern of the top knob - which is excluded not only from the soldermask but also from the copper itself. Ooops.

@pichenettes: Are you okay with the labeling on the braids-mockup? I’ll upload the design files to github so I want to make sure I respect your wishes regarding the “obscurification” of the mutable brand name. Same goes for the module logos and the “mutable girl” outline.

It’s distinct enough for me.

@TheSlowGrowth - Very nice - are you planning to share those panel designs? It would be nice to get panels from OshPark too!

@TheSlowGrowth I’d also be really interested to see how this is done. Could you explain what the different coloured areas are?

I’m guessing the dark colour is the soldermask, the yellow is copper (but it doesn’t look shiny enough), and there are areas where there is no copper or soldermask, and the PCB substrate can be seen.

Am I right?


> Am I right?


Here are my notes

I’ll try to outline the steps in some sort of tutorial. Don’t know when I will find time for that though…

You are right about the colors. The copper is plated, hence the gold matte finish.

I plan to setup a repository on github with all the kicad projects, svg drawings and Gerber files.

Great looking work ! :slight_smile:
it makes me think again about a small self contained 6U system, with panels designed together.

@clemdu the only problem with that is that the positions of panel components from different manufacturers don’t line up, so although the graphics might be consistent, if you design your own panels, it’s still not going to look like a completely integrated system.


Having said that, I’d still love to make matte black and gold PCB materiel panels for all my modules.

Or have Mutable Instruments-style panels designed for all my non-MI modules.

Maybe if I win the lottery…


I added a Yarns panel and a simple passive multiple panel. Here is the repo with some very basic info in a readme file. I hope to be able to make a tutorial soon…

These are great! Thanks for uploading.

>Maybe if I win the lottery…

Yeah, time and money are important factors here :slight_smile:
Will look forward to reading the tuto

Oops, I’m just realizing that “Mutated Mutables” is already used by the alterantive firmwares (bees-in-trees and Dead Man’s Catch).

That’s OK.

Very DIY panels :slight_smile:

@shiftr Well done. I like it