DIY Panels!

I just thought I’d share my braids bamboo panel with ya’ll. I had eleven made at ponoko, which was relatively inexpensive and had about a week turn around time. Curious to hear about other companies that you all may have used for panel, cases ect…
I get super tingly in the pants for pretty panel designs (being a visual artist/painter). So lets see your DIY panel porn!

Surely this is the most beautiful DIY Braids ever, by Nicoo:

Here are my efforts:

Some of my DIY Euro stuff

@altitude How do you make these panels?

Front Panel Designer and off to CAM expert to be made

Are CAM Expert cheaper than Schaefer/Front Panel Express?


@altitude I regret not taking you up on the clouds panel now. Super clean… But its all good! Real happy with the bamboo look.

@BennelongBicyclist With as much hard work as doing Mutable the DIY way is, it makes sense to want to see the PCBs during every wiggle! The yellow plexi panels look boss!


20-30 percent less

I still have a clouds, 2 tides, and a ripples for sale

I make these panels with “Rowmark Lasermax” in the local fablab…
Easy and cheap to make once you know the right settings for the lasercutter. Downside is it’s 3 mm think which sometimes is a problem with jacks.

@PadRat : How did you do it? You took the .ai and applied it on a bamboo template on Panoko?

just make a circle round the holes for the jacks and engrave them extra deep, thats what we do here

@shabax Yep presicely!

Apparently on the last German issue of Make Magazine there is a nice article on making DIY panels

Attached: Sketches of PCB panels. Powered by Inkscape,, kicad and oshpark.
Mutable instruments name has been “obscured” (as requested by Olivier) but I didn’t want to hide what kind of modules are behind the panel so I included the outline of the mutable girl.

I’m starting out my modular and I’m thinking of replacing the frontpanels of all my future modules with something like this.

they’re funny! They remind me of 80s point&click video games!

Wutated Wutables

yep very Day of the Tentacle!

Absolutely !

(Real) gold and purple FTW!