DIY music stuff on Pinterest


I was playing around with pinterest a bit, and started a board for DIY/heavily modified Synthesizers/Sequencers/etc.
Would be great if others join and expand it any time you see something interesting on the net…

Drop me a pm and I add you as a collaborator :slight_smile:


No one interested to join moderating the collection?

hmm. might be in

Hallo Karg,

very nice website. The “DE:generator” is coming soon :slight_smile:

My webblog in english

My webblog in german

The pictures are free :slight_smile:

Greetings from germany. Rolf

@altitude: Sure. I need you email address to invite you… :slight_smile:

@rolf: Thanks :slight_smile: The De:Generator is featured

and im out… Signed up for Pintrest and it immediately wanted access to everything which I am not OK with… Sorry.

Mh, what do you mean with access to everything?
I am not aware I gave it access to anything…

Thanks Karg :slight_smile: