Diy modular build videos


just as a side project, i try to document all steps of building a modular synth :slight_smile:

just if u want to watch and have fun :slight_smile:
lg widy

Dude, that was fun. The pace of the time-lapse was a little quick, but it’s clear you’re trying to document a lot of activity. I really enjoyed your music - keep it up! I need to find more time to finish songs…

hi i know its quick … but no one will wach videos longer then 2min :slight_smile:
and its good that its so fast . u dont see my mistakes all the time :slight_smile:

“finished” and “modular” in the same sentence. Now that’s daring!

Modular is a journey, not a destination.

Yay, that’s what I thought while writing the sentence… :slight_smile:
I meant pictures of the modules we can see you working on through the video.

Great work ! Do you have any pictures of the finished modular ?

no pictures here, because not finished yet :slight_smile: still working on it… the videos at all showing the progress :slight_smile: every week
lg widy

So 1 week till it’s ‘finished’ ? :wink:
What modules are you putting in there?

yeah for sure … just one week :slight_smile: … no not realy … i just started building 3 weeks ago … so it will take at least the next 2 month if i have every weekend time :slight_smile:

im not sure what modules are putting inside :slight_smile: … there is a plan … but it changes all the time :slight_smile:
but for sure
vco , adsr vca classis and dual , filters jounrneymann , motm filters , shaper
some modules are from L1 …
some own stuff , mixer, matrix , some helpers for switching vco’s and sync stuff and so on …

but i still wait for some pcb’s and parts … so im not realy sure at theme moment …

but how pichenettes says … modular synths are never finished :slight_smile:
lg widy

just week 4 :slight_smile: