DIY MIDI to CV alternatives for CVpal?

That Alyseum MS-812 looks very interesting, and rather well priced. I have a love-hate relationship with my Expert Sleepers stuff, and the Alyseum looks like a good alternative to more Expert Sleepers expanders.

I bought mine used on ebay for about a third less. Have a look at the manual, the block diagram shows how powerful it is. I like how there’s “presets” for saving the settings, or you can use the snapshot feature of Copperlan manager to create a saved config you can activate.

Price wise, a beat step would be hard to beat ( scuse the pun) not a module obviously, but closest to the cvpal in terms of money, plus you would have an additional midi out to sync to other things and a full sequencer, so standalone from a computer / tablet becomes a viable option too.

Failing that get the yarns and never look back :slight_smile:

My suggestion for a MIDI path would be: Computer > Beatstep > Yarns

I think that for only 99USD, the Beatstep is a great USB to MIDI converter. Not so much CV, but as a pseudo S&H, it is very useful. Too bad the pro version doesn’t have sysex learn a la BCR2000.