Diy midi controller for Ambika, which one?

Hi, I’m about to finish my Ambika, and I’m considering building a midi controller to put it together with the synth in a nice case. So far, I’ve been thinking about these:

Any experiences with these boards?
The highly liquid one is nice, but it can only work with 14 pots, so I think I would need 3 or 4 of them. The problem with the other ones is that it seems the livid one can only send cc messages from 1 to 63. The Doepfer, on the other hand, lets you select between 1-63 messages or 64-127, but not at the same time [there’s a jumper on the board to select one or the other option]. I think I prefer the Livid or Doepfer boards [it would be enough with just one board, not 3 or 4]. So I’m not sure [it’s my first time with diy midi controllers] if I could use these with the Ambika, since you need to send cc’s parameters in the whole range [osc settings are 14 to 21, for example, but filter settings are 71, 74, etc.]

Or maybe it is possible to [easily] change the midi implementation and leave all cc’s in the 0-63 range. Would that be possible for somebody who knows nothing about programming?

I’m a little lost with this midi stuff, so I prefer the easiest solution, but I really don’t know which way to go. Any ideas?

Just wait a bit… some problems solve themselves with time :wink:

Is there anything we need to know, Frank ? :slight_smile:

A lot not is revealed yet to you, my young padawan…

It is known! PROGRAMMER ! /De-rail

Programmer? Did anybody say Programmer? Why don’t people say Sequencer?


Yes, sequencer.

Well, I have other projects going on [and two Ambika voicecards letft], so I think I’m going to wait a little :slight_smile: Bad thing is I already ordered 50 10K pots…

Whats about bad having 10K pots at hand???

well… normally I use the classical panel mount alpha 16mm for all my projects [modular stuff mostly], but this time I ordereded the same ones in Ambika for the midi controller project; not a big deal, but now I’m 50€ poorer, and I’m not sure when will I use that ones… I’m not sure what’s your plan, fcd72, but maybe I could use it anyway :slight_smile:

You can now build 12 more Shruthis…


@fcd72: Are there any plans for an ambika programmer? :slight_smile:

cough, cough, pg800 style, snort, cough, frank…

I coulda sworn I just heard someone say programmer. Hmm. Maybe its the wind.

The wind cries Hairy. Bring it!

Just no brogrammers please.

Kommt Zeit, kommt Rat™

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