DIY knobs

I cannot find (cheap) knobs for slider pots…!
I’m thinking about such ones used in Roland synths.
So, I want to make my own, using modeling material… :slight_smile:
Is it a good idea? I’ve never done anything like that before.

FIMO classic 8000…?

I have been considering that myself but probably wouldn’t use clay. I would cast a mould and then use two-part resin. Just google “Smooth-on” and have a look, lots of cool ideas on their pages. Unfortunately, you need to have at least one original to do this.

SOmeone recently made knobs that looked like ice cubes for a shruthi, so Im sure its possible

re; Roland knobs , do you mean like on the sh 101?

I made ice cube buttons for my 4PM but that was a pain and just cutting and gluing. I used a small piece of plexi, cut the tops off of the original buttons, epoxied new ice cube tops to the original buttons and that was it.

I’d say 3D printing is the way to go!

limited edition
hideously ovepriced.

I watch eBay quite regularly for these and occasionally sets float to the surface in the Far Fast. What about Pioneer DJ type?
and there is this outfit
Technology Transplant
Fortunately my 101 is still in tip top condition (I have had it since '82).

I like the djtechtools knobs, colouful and rubbery, you might want to check those out

definitely a case for 3D
I was reading about guitars being done …

@piscione & Fitvideo



djtechtools fader knobs are too big…
3D: isn’t it too expensive?


No, I mean rather those used in Jupiters, SH-2, Gaia, etc.

@MaxZorin: I don’t know how expensive it is, you could check to see how much it would cost. Just upload a model and see how much it sais.

Thanks for the link, rumpelfilter!

Is there a Hack Space group near you? If so , probably some of the guys there are itching to get into 3D printing if they have not already done so. Worth checking out.

Hi, Max
Few days ago i’ve faced the same problem. Standard mixer knobs are too large for 30 mm faders
like these

Found this tactile switch caps at local store and they fits fine. Only blue/red was available, but there’s other colors at ebay.

Tactile switch caps!
Now, I searched eBay more carefully and found this
I think they are good enough.