DIY Grids contest : share pics of your DIY

Looks like Grids module is the one that can easily being DIYed, easy to convert to through hole, stripboard, and using common and available components/part.

I did one 1 year ago using and Arduino mini board.

Some pics.


Do you have access to all the ADC channels on the TQFP chip?
I built mine on the PDIP version so I had to sacrifice the tempo control.

A repost of mine:
Vintage amp style Grids

Since then I have cleaned up the worst mess and I’m working on an alternative FW.
It’s some kind of mashup with Grids and Branches but with a programmable sequence instead of the Map.

Actually, this was after seing your post that I post mine, wondering whether we were more than a few people playing with Grids.
The tqfp chip is an Arduino mini board, therefore, all Arduino features and IO’s, don’t know about the ADC.
I used the Arduino because it was the cheapest and laziest way to get fully populated dev board with psu, quartz, identified pins etc…
Mine is a bare clone, At that time, I couldn’t find time to work on alternate firmware… and I still don’t…

What I mean is that ADC6 and ADC7 is two of the pins that are missing in the DPID28 version. See data sheet summary Both Original grids and your small board have the SMT TQFP32 version. But since Arduino (UNO) don’t have the extra pins I’m curious if your board have them routed to the headers.

Yes, actually, it does, it’s not really an original Arduino Mini, it is said to be an “DSWY ROBOT” clone, with output for A6/A7.
Frankly : I got them on eBay for few buck, but didn’t pay attention to the pinout at first, since there was few detail on ebayer site, but I was eventually lucky!
Got some issue figuring out they were functionnal as they use to come without booloader

Incidentally, I think there’s a Max4Live inplementation of Grids, too. I haven’t used it, so I don’t know how complete it is.

I have a feeling it may just recreate the Euclidian sequencer mode (which I’ve never felt the need to use on the original).


No, it includes the drum map too. If I recall correctly it’s a gen~ based on the JavaScript port: grids for max4live