DIY eurorack modules

Can any of you possibly send me in the direction of resources for DIY modules? Do they exist much as kits?

Does soldering it up yourself save a good amount of $ in the modular world?

Check out Thonk . They have some good diy stuff. So does Synth Cube. I am there are a lot more. Muff’s is a good place for info on kits as well.

Does not seem to be much cheaper that I Can see :frowning:

Have you checked out Music From Outer Space?

Here’s the kicker: You don’t necessarily save that much on normal utility modules. But, check the dual 258j VCO with a clarke68 panel at Thonk or Synth Cube vs the price of a Buchla 258e or worse, a vintaj 258. The 258e contains more bla bla bla, but still. There are savings in DIY land but you gotta know what you want to build and accomplish.

MFOS is cheap and cheerful. Also, piecewise PCBs like CGS and Fonik or J3rk aren’t that much, it’s the mech parts; pots, jacks and panels that cost. Plus hairy parts like specialized analog ICs, matched dual transistors, tempcos and vactrols.

I find the gear quite affordable actually , normally a module costs about 70$ in parts depending on how extravagant you go with panels/knobs and the rest is just time.

A fully made Jupiter Storm for example is 250$ my parts cost was: 83$

yepand once you have several projects in your drawer that wait for several vactrols it adds up and gets on da waiting list sometimes.
in general diy is cheaper as in you won’t have to pay someone to build things, it costs your own time and learning time. also you potentially have access to machines whose vintage originals cost a collector price. like for example the TTSH may be about $1500++ with case plug and play if you diy. if you have someone build it it may be a lot more expensive. if you however buy an original Arp 2600 it might cost even more, and that one’s really old and probably needs continuous caretaking, like old amps.
but diy still isn’t cheap at all. for me it was that thought when i first looked at it, to get things cheaper. now it’s more to get some things at all. like, where would you buy your customized serge modular?

Modular is an addiction. Addictions are never cheap. :wink:

If it’s Eurorack format this page lists most DIY resources:

The TTSH is better than the original the way I see it. If you DIY it you will have some understanding of what goes where, an overview of how it works, a working understanding of the BoM, where to get spares and you don’t have to wrap it up in cotton. No need to play it with white gloves, treat it like some museum piece either. Plus it saves a ton of money.

Likewise for Buchla 200-series cloning, or Serge modules. Then I can use my money on other unobtanium bits, or gasp, even elsewhere. Buchla 200e-series, Prophet-12 or a new Easel?
Plus of course - I can buy the Mutable Euro gear!

Do I need all that stuff? Probably not, but if you’re a synth head who likes gear, why not? Don’t just lust over things, take charge and build stuff!

The hexinverter and 4ms stuff is brilliant. You get good value for money.

I second everything said in this thread…
About Thonks kits, I have a full dual 258j kit waiting in the backlog line, and it is a perfect kit, also had a CVP and a Turing machine from them. The Turing Machine is an awesome module, and it is very cheap for the functionality it gives, plus there are expanders coming to make it even better…
My first DIY eurorack kit was a 4ms Pingable Enveloppe Generator, worth every penny, I ordered it directly from 4ms in US. Thonk, again, now has them in stock for europe.
I also have a SimpleSeq dual Euro board and a Postman EG from (both in the backlog too), they are cheap and the PCBs are top (I got the panels from re:synthesis in UK and they’re good too).
And I’m waiting for a Klee kit from Muff (backlog).
I find that kits are usually cheaper than built modules, it is true for all the kits I mentioned above, but I will add that full kits tend to be cheaper than self-sourced kits (unless you have all the parts in stock), for instance, the price of getting all the parts for the simpleseq (PCB from HexInverter, panel from re:synthesis, parts from Mouser) probably amounts to the same as getting the full kit directly from HexInverter, because I had to pay three times for the shipping, I didn’t do the maths though…

@Smugrik I was looking into the Turing Machine kit, but can’t find it in stock anywhere.

iirc there will be new Turing kits after the expansions (Thonk)
the info should be somewhere in one of the Muff threads

The Muff thread about Turing Machine and expansions

Check out my thread in the same forum as this, I’m trying to build up a list of suppliers.
where to buy
You can save a lot by making your own if you buy the parts yourself. The kits of parts are very expensive from Thonk, I think it’s a bit cheeky selling £25 worth of parts for £150 or so. Check out Frequency Central if you are in the UK.

interesting @Dunk, now I’ll have to do the maths…
Didn’t knew FrequencyCentral yet, some interesting modules there…

about the prices i think it depends on what you already have in stock. if you regularly order big time you probably get away cheaper by just adding the sliders you need. Making kits surely isn’t the most entertaining job, you never get everything from one or two sources, have to coordinate orders and money (if you do that your money will be stuck in parts, we have to pay for that too) so you can actually sell them in time and not have to wait for one part etc etc and the parts sorting itself, just ask Olivier.
it’s a service and i don’t feel like Thonk are very expensive. in fact, if you look at the tempco prices, they are almost bulk order prices. there are places where you pay 4$ or 8$ for one. it’s not as if i could go to my local supplier and buy some, i actually think it’s great they are now instantly available at all (you could also try a few months to contact magicsmoke about them)
i bought the Turing machine full kit, it was maybe about 70€, something like that. including acrylic panel, pcb, and what you buy also is the security of knowing you really have the right parts (like the LED display with correct mode, like joined cathode or joined anode, or the slider pots in the expansion module)
edit: and the best thing is: i can start soldering and finish it the same day, no procrastinating, waiting for a pot (=no backlog)

I’m from UK but swear by L-1 he’s a russian guy called Alex who makes the best quality PCB’s & Panels i’ve seen his Panels always come with a front & back that just scream quality, his website is and he’s very popular over at Muffwiggler, I’ve built his Russian Mini Tube VCA ,Mutant Vactrol filter and about to build his Microcompressor once the PCB/Panel turns up.

Frequency central are also good i’ve just finished building his Vogue filter which is a Moog Rouge clone, PCB & Panel cost £30 and i’m guessing i payed about £15 for components so thats £45 all in which is far cheaper than a quality software plugin, and also a huge saving as the built version is £160 on his online store.

Thonk i really like he has superb build instructions, i’ve built a few Manhattan analog mixes off him and a Manhattan CVP, got a Turing machine aluminium panel from Grayscale and just waiting for Thonk to stock the updated PCB and components.

I’m not happy with the Synthcube SEM filter I’m building at the moment, feels to me like they’ve rushed out the release which has left mistakes, example I soldered 150k resistors into PCB as labeled then a week later they put out instructions to use 120k instead if you want 12v, just sloppy.

i dont agree with the “cheeky selling £25 worth of parts for £150” quote simply because i’ve never yet built a Module where i’ve been able to buy all the components off a single supplier i’ve usually had to buy components off about 3 separate suppliers each build as there’s always components some don’t stock, Like 9mm green alpha’s for some reason nobody in the UK stock them so i always have to buy mine from small Bear USA.

Anybody curious i always post pictures of my builds at

frequencycentral makes some awesome stuff (i love roland), going to test drive my roland VCA and ADSR back from his proto run tonight. they’re already planned to go with my liquid hihat V1 (Bentley).
once his roland vco’s are available i’ll grab the stuff for 3 complete roland M voices incl. panels.

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