Diy delay by eowave

Saw this on muffs, looks like a pretty easy build

great, another crappy PT2399 delay. Wish people would move on from that thing

PT2399’s can be done well (I’m a big fan of the bugbrand ones) but they need filters or eq’s in the feedback line otherwise yeah … what altitude said. That being said how is the delay in the ms20 shruthi filter?

Its same Delay Chip in my DIY Synth DE:GENERATOR

Example on soundcloud: Delay sound from DE:GENERATOR

I agree with altitude to some extent. I like them and I hate them. I have actually started to use my behringer pedals because I want cleaner delay. I wish there were more diy options that used other chips.

I’m trying to convince Max S (mxmxmx) to resurrect his behringer dd600 euro conversion project.

I have the Jellyfish, syncable, but input distorts too easily

The synthrotek EKO, not bad, but no sync. I assume the updated DLY is similar…it’s in my backlog.

The Chronoblob module isn’t DIY, but does look great, I have to say. It promises to be a lot more hi-fi.

The developer is a forum member, too.


I do quite like my Befaco Crush Delay. I like it because it’s grungy, though. It’s nice to have cleaner options, too. I’ll probably get rid of it if I get a Chronoblob, since rack space is always limited.


I like grungy to, but think there is a shortage of hi fi.

I also have the delay no more. It’s awesome in all its grunginess.

I’m hoping that this, which started life as a DIY project, will be released in DIY form - even though it’s UI is a little, um, busy.

But yeah, let’s convince Max S to try his hand at a proper DIY delay. I think he mentioned somewhere that he was fooling around with SRAM for something or other…

@sammy123 there’s shortage of hi-fi digital modules generally in the Euro world. Look at all the the 8bit oscillators, and lo-fi sample players and sample-slicer modules. I guess that’s partly down to the limitations MCUs small and low-power enough to be embedded in Euro modules. With the new generation of 32bit chips, though, that could be changing.


@toneburst: that chronoblob does look promising indeed! also, i like the name of the company, ‘alright devices’. : )

@mic.w it’s a very British name :wink: (though he’s not British, I don’t think).