DIY... chips

This is quite inspirational - guys created their own “chips” in SMT technology: VCO, VCF and ADSR.

Yup! There was talk about using these for some Eurocrack modules and setting up a group buy over at either the Muff Wiggler or forums.

Don’t know what you win using their ADSR chip though, a standard ADSR isn’t that dense, component wise.

It’s not that hard to do yourself-you can get cheap potting boxes from Farnell and fill them with quick-set epoxy after putting your own board in-I’ve done it for an Aries-clone exponential converter.

They have been going quite a while

I do Chips myself… they are 100mm x 160mm and called Euroformat :wink:

Most significant feature of a Chip is that its one single piece of Silicon, the things these guys do are Modules not Chips. Albeit impressing.

Integrated Circuit originally referred to a miniaturized electronic circuit. Now is commonly referred to as a Hybrid Integrated Circuit.

I like that one.

SO a euroformat module is just an IC built full sized and not integrated ? hmmm interesting

100x160 is exactly what fits into the rails of an 3HE SubRack, a PCB of that Size is called Europakarte.
So “Euroformat” is not an invention from DøPFER, they just named it after the commonly by Engineers and other MadScientists™ used Name of the standardized Baugruppenträgersystem nach DIN

Ok, what I meant though is: you are making an IC by analogue means with a circuit board

I wonder how they made such nice pins…