I’ve finally got round to using my Ambika properly.
But I seem to have to run it with the volume quieter low and turn it up on the mixer, otherwise it gets quite growly with chords.
Is this normal? This is out of the mix out.

Yes the Ambika can have some distortion in the mix out if you use a lot of voices. You can turn down the volume of the patch to prevent it.

Nice one shiftr! Couldn’t find your email on my phone so I thought I’d easily find you here :slight_smile:

check the new BOM, there was a fix for this in the summing amp

I will when I have time. I’m concentrating more on playing at the moment.

I (think i) build this Ambika. The modification is not into this one.

Yes you did. For now I’ll turn down the patches. Eventually I may do the mod.

(A fine job of it too :slight_smile: )