DISPLAYs that work wit SHRUTHI

Please, users that build working Shruthi can you write down a list of displays they use?
If is possible link from Farnell?
Thank you all!


I think it’s best to just search the forum.
I’ve just built a Shruthi with this Newhaven display and it’s great. Note that these displays don’t require any limiting resistor at R20 desribed in Step1 of the build instruction for the Shruthi controller board .


@Bjarne have you had any noise issues with the OLED? There were persistent noise issues with the OLED on the old Shruthi-XT.


The Newhaven display Bjarne linked to is a LCD not an OLED. I use these displays in several colors myself. I think they are the best if you want a black background (not as good as an OLED though. But no problem with noise).

Yes, the Newhaven are great looking LCD’s

Most 16x2 displays work. Pay attention to the pin header location, some have it on the bottom.

Oops. It looked like an OLED on the photo.


Thank you all!

Brajne thank you for discovering to me Newhaven displays! Solid price and they look awesome :slight_smile:
Son i will complete my :)))

Just to be 101% sure before order (tomorrow) does this model work without limiting resistor R20?
I have already soldered R20 on PCB. Now do i need to remove R20 before soldering Newheaven LCD or it can stay on board?

http://hr.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-0216K1Z-NSR-FBW-L/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMt7dcPGmvnkBq9RSAvEJGmRU5rRb5chWrc%3D (I chose red :slight_smile:
One question, on picture display have pin header on top and bottom side (?) But on Shruthi schematic need only on top. Is that OK?

That display will work without limiting resistor R20. You need a wire bridge instead in its place.

Out of interest: did you tried your old incompatible display without R20 (and without wire bridge) like I said in your other thread ?

Thank you cj55 that i need, Now I’m sure everything is compatible and ready for order!

That is interesting question. Nope, i didn’t try.
I will check when i get new displays, i will let you know.
(but I’m sure they dont work because smoke and “smell” :frowning: