Display Pixel a little bit confused


i have a little problem with my Shruthi Display. see the Picture.
As I touched the frame, there was an electrostatic discharge.
Then the pixels were arranged a little bit confused. :slight_smile:


here is the Picture…

Looks like you’ve fried the controller on the LCD board… very little to do about that except replace the LCD.

have you simply tried rebooting the unit?


I think it is not a Problem with the Firmware. I will change the broken Display with a new one. Can I use this one?
Link: http://www.ebay.de/itm/zyscom-LCD-Display-HD44780-2x16-chr-16x2-orange-char-neg-Backlight-/160864761404?pt=Bauteile&hash=item257449763c

A Display from Polen! :slight_smile: Good or not? Or better a more Expensive Display from Reichelt.

The Zyscom displays aren’t top notch, but good value for money. I’d rate them as 3,5 to 4 depending on color on a 5 degree scale for LCDs. The dark blue on black are hard to read, the others are fine. If you want top of the line go for an OLED. Expensive, but very easy on the eyes. Easily 7 or 8 on the 5 degree LCD scale :smiley:

The more expensive from the Big R is . . . . more expensive. Otherwise the benefits are marginal exeot for the blue on black - which is always a difficult combination besides VFDs

thanks for the assessment. Oled in orange are hard to find. Reichelt has only nice Yellow oled displays. has anyone of you an orange OLED display over for me???

Sorry, no. If you insist on orange on black LCD is still the only way to go, unless you mount a white on black OLED under some colored plexi/Perspex.

okay a Idea, but this is not beautiful! i think i will buy a orange LCD from Zyscom.