Display not working?

Hi I’ve just nearly complete my build and I’m at the stage now where you fix the lcd and give it a test, I connected to two boards and added power but nothing seems to show up on the lcd screen it’s just dark I think powers but no text, I’ve tried adjusting it but the trimmer doesn’t seem to do anything, the weird bit is I put a piece of wire from the middle point of the trimmer to ground and it worked for a second then just goes like blocks in the display, I’m not sure if the trimmers can break? Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Also I’m getting continuity on the first two pounds of the lcd? Is that normal


No. No matter from which end you start counting, one point is ground and the next is +5V. If there is continuity between those two points you have created a short.

So point 1 and 2 on the lcd shouldn’t have continuity? None of the others have only those two, any advice where to go from here? I’ve been trying to take lcd off but it’s pretty tricky lol

Does the backlight work?

If the backlight works, adjust the trimmer. It is a 20-turns part, so you might have to turn it for a while before something happen. The voltage on the middle pin of the trimmer should be in the 0.2V to 1V range.

Yeah the back light works, I can get it working for a split second if I join the middle and earth of the trimmer together and this happens too if I join two of the lcd points togther like 7 and 8 I think, I turns on and I see the display them it turns to blocks, ill to and post a video, pichenetts… Should I have continuity between the first and second pins on the lcd?

It’s weirdly started working now :), I’m so happy! These a few solder points that I want to tidy up tho but I’m scared I’ll make it not work again if I start fiddling with it, I have to put it away now tho before I pee my girlfriend off even more :)

The real question though : Why’d you pee your girlfriend?

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