Dispatcher - very cool

Tried the dispatch mode tonight, works great. Split the keyboard on my A90, out 1 to one Shruthi for bass, out 2 to the MIDIpal, then to three more Shruthis and out 3 to the PreenFM. Lots of possibilities, it’s like having a modular sort of. Works very much like polychaining but adjusting an upstream Shruthi does not affect downstream Shruthis. The MIDI patchbay was certainly one of the best investments I’ve made so far I think. Doesn’t make any sound but it sure makes using a stack of keyboards alot easier.

Hi, interested to hear which midi patch bay you are using please? I’m thinking of getting one myself and exploring the options

Me too! Thanks

I have three MIDI patchbays but use a JL Cooper MSB 16/20 as the main box.

I have a digital music mx8 http://archive.cassiel.com/space/Gearhead/Digital+Music+Corporation+MX-8

it has two midi processors in it as well…goes great with the midipal
I use the mx8 to do the kind of boring transpose/stacking/filtering type stuff and the midipal gets to do the fun sequencing stuff

the midi compressor on the mx8 is outstanding…especially when triggering drum hits from the keyboard