Dispatcher question

Hi all. First post…
I am interested in the midipal so i can get polyphony out of an elektron a4.
From my understanding dispatch/cycle mode will do this nicely.

If the midipal is set to recieve midi channel 1 from a controller and output 1-4 (to achieve 4 voice polyphony), will it pass on midi information on other midi channels (5-16) to instruments further down the chain?

I am currently using an akai mpk to control various synths on different channels. Will putting the midipal in the chain with this application limit me to only controlling the A4?

Any help greatly appreciated!

> will it pass on midi information on other midi channels (5-16) to instruments further down the chain?


Many thanks!

This dispatcher feature is maybe what I am looking for however I have some questions regarding how Channel pressure is handled.
My idea is to fake polyphonic aftertouch exactly the way the Prophet T8 does. The T8 is faking “POLY AT” in the way that it sends channel pressure on different MIDI channels so the receiving synth for example Alesis Andromeda can be put in Multi mode with the same sound on different parts and different channels. Now you can apply aftertouch to each of the 8 voices independently when playing on the T8. However I guess this can´t be possible from a generic channel pressure master keyboard as it will be hard to determine which note is giving aftertouch…I don´t know how the dispatcher feature handles this Channel Pressure “dispatching” ?
But in my case… I have a R43 resistor modified Roland A-80 with great polyphonic aftertouch that I would like to use with the dispatcher feature, so the Polyphonic Aftertouch should be converted to Channel pressure in sync with the MIDI channels round robin… is this possible ?

The polyphonic aftertouch messages are correctly dispatched to each individual channel, but they are not converted to channel pressure messages.

Wow, cool. Didn´t thought poly at was supported. Is it a difficult feature to implement , converting Poly AT to channel pressure as the last step in the chain, after the polyphonic aftertouch messages are correctly dispatched to each individual channel ? The very same day you fix that I will buy the box :smiley:

They are discussing a software solution here but from a different view…how to edit Poly at in reaper but they are making scripts that is exactly what I want… splitting poly at to different MIDI channels and then converting the poly at to channel pressure.

It’s a small change ; but testing included the whole thing would take me 2-3 hours, would you be willing to pay an extra for this? Delivered end of november as I’m super busy right now.

Did you see the Reaper script ?
An added feature should be a slider that sets the roundrobin trip from 1 to 16 MIDI channels.
Also I had problems with my A-80 sending wrong note offs so I had to convert Note off to Note off… with MidiPipe. My Triton sends On 144 and off 128 but the A80 sends On 144 and Off 144 and then I had hanging notes when using the Reaper script before using MIDIpipe.
Here is the final script with a 16 MIDI channel round robin.

Here is a video when I am playing the Oberheim Xpander with Polyphonic Aftertouch.

I have to wait and see before I can promise some extra payment, there is a problem with Pro Tools and multichannel MIDI on the same track so it will not be optimal for me to input multichannel MIDI to Pro Tools at the moment…

Dear pichenettes & Firechild,

are there any news on this development or has it maybe already been done? I mean conversion of key pressure to channel pressure in dispatch mode so that one could use a poly aftertouch capable midi keyboard to send channel pressure to each midi channel in dispatch mode (CS-80 style aftertouch)? If yes, the midipal would be an instant buy.

What amount of money would be needed for this development? Maybe enough people would be interested in crowd funding for this feature…