Discrete Insanity

Details here.

I want audio circuits based on this… mmmmmm… the delicious sound!

But now we need these ones on it…

Yayyy! Discrete 555 for VCO!

It might be a bit tricky to source the sockets for these…

Now we’re talking. There’s even a plushie 555 for the SO, the kids or to use as a cat bed. This made my PayPal itch just because. I figured you could probably build a copacetic Thomas Henry 555 VCO using dat.big.thing.

If theres a 7400 like this I’m tempted to build a hyper discrete 8 Bit Computer from it……

I’d be down with that, provided it uses big ass Nixie tubes or those mechanical displays you sometimes see. No modern display rubbish.

Like most everything:
Needs moar Nixie™

Edit: This would allow me to channel my inner Bond villain! I was looking for an egg chair, but a Corona replica will do in a pinch.

>It might be a bit tricky to source the sockets for these…

IIRC, it has easy to probe points for the pin-outs. I know the “pins” are just for decoration.

Or you can use real life scale alligator clamps……