Discharge of static electricity causing Shruthi to hang

Greetings MI community. It was cold and dry here last week, and I inadvertently discharged static electricity from my finger to my Shruthi’s metal enclosure twice (recently purchased as a complete kit). The screen went blank (or almost blank… can’t recall, I was a little freaked out, poor little thing…) and the Shruthi stopped responding. Power cycling the unit brought everything back to normal.

My questions: Could a short somewhere be the cause? Should I simply isolate the enclosure from the boards with nylon washers or some such thing?


I’m guessing short from display casing to metal enclosure… But I don’t have a metal enclosure, so waiting for someone with a similar problem to chime in…

The spacers are isolated from PCB’s. I see no point adding extra isolation.
Only place where case touches Shruthi is the display.

I haven’t seen this behavior before and can only suggest you to adjust the display position in the cutout.

Or connect the case directly to earth.

I always have this problem in winter, and all my gear is at stake.
I typically connect myself directly to earth but using a cable “wristband” connected to my heater :slight_smile:

I once had the same with an Arduino. Display was immediately dead. However, it recovered after some minutes…

Maybe it is a good idea to ground the metal case.From Shruthi ground a cable to the metal case .
You had to screw an extra screw into it. But be sure that there is no short between the Shruthi electronics to the case.