Disasterous peace and Warps

Modular funtime! :slight_smile: Mainly based on the Rings easter egg (love that formant filter) and Warps. Korg Electribe 2 are on drums, Minilogue on bass and Fabfilter Twin 2 makes the melodies that enter after a while.


I like that you still use non-modular synths in your compositions. It kind of reminds me to actually use the gear I have and not just lust over new modules.

Thanks! I make my music with the modular and a drum machine only and record each track separately. Then I start arranging, mixing and adding effects. As I do that I usually notice that something more is needed so I record a melody or two after the fact.

Sometimes nothing extra is needed, like with my track Ghetto Drip that I posted a while back. Other times, like with this one, there are tons of edits. I actually made a bassline to go with the track on the modular but in the end it lacked charm (it was a 16th note mangler) so I replaced it. The two melodies where originally recorded with the Minilogue but after a while I came to the conclusion that the sounds where wrong so I did a audio to midi conversion in Live and used Twin 2 to play the melodies instead.

I love top compose using my modular but I also love the power of a modern daw. There are no limits to this setup. :heart_eyes:

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Waooow…thats all i can say!

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Thanks! :dove::sunrise_over_mountains::champagne: