Dirt cheap drum voices

Ok - so I sold some stuff with varying success, to buy a big expensive drum machine, then got hit by real life (rent advance). What I’ve got left once the dust has cleared is an octatrack, a monosynth on bass duties (& obviously as sample fodder too), an echo pedal & a 16-track mixer/interface. So in lieu of the all-singing all-dancing MDUW I’m after 4-6 dirt cheap (like $100-150 total) MIDI triggerable & ideally heavily tweakable drum voices ie probably a DIY or “uncool” vintage drum module - just to add pace/claps/hats/shakers/pings to whatever I’m doing, no sequencer needed, can go into separate channels on the mixer & get effects on the way into box… Any ideas, DIY or not? I want a Volca beats but non-panned voices on single output would be silly here…
PS LXR I know, over budget here but will get one asap

Bleep drum although it cant go out to seperate channels.

I’ll check it but separate outs is the key. Even that one-bit thing would be fun if it had separate outs

Looks fun anyway actually :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t think of one that isn’t overpriced. Sorry.
Your best bet, and I am being entirely serious about this, is to buy an organ with a built in drum machine. You would have to add the individual outs in most cases.

Yamaha RX11 as drum module with separate outs-these outs can make it a MIDI to drum trigger interface driving, say, a Tama Techstar analogue drum brain. Both are well off the radar of hipsters or dance music wannabes, so you’ll probably score a good deal

EMU Pro/cussion

andromeda, but it looks like he doesn’t make them anymore. Maybe he could be persuaded.

+1 to the EMU Pro/cussion if you can find one. The Alesis D4 is also an option.
However… they aren’t very “tweakable” it is mostly just selecting the sample you would like.

The Korg DDD1 has MIDI, velocity sensitive trigger-pads and individual outs. They often sell for around 150$, sometimes even cheaper. It sounds very, ehm, distinctive but it can be modified/bent a lot to get some really interesting sounds out of it. Its no module though.

Something like a boss 660 or other sample based drum machine…

Oh and you can mod the volca beats to have separate outs…

novation drum or d station…

An old Roland TR-626 can be bought for about £100 or less as for some reason they’re not really that sought after.
But they sound great and have loads of editable sounds and separate outs. And dead easy to use.

My small & crazy & cheap drummachine is called Frau Angelico !

Thanks for all the ideas guys… Fired the question then went to bed, plenty of google/eBay ideas for today when I woke up. Crowdsourced brainpower!

How many separate outs can you mod the Volca beats for? I heard about kick out being labelled, probably one more separate-off-able voice would convince me … because that’d be two tweakable analogue voices plus all kinds of fun on a 3rd channel, for pretty cheap…

ok been googling looks like you can get all the analogue voices out of the beats as separate voices - that’s the one…

If you are going to mod in separate voice outputs on the Volca, you may want to figure out how to add separate volume pots per voice too.

@strangenoize: Just finished watching your drum machine demos. It is pretty impressive! :slight_smile: