Direction of switches on control board

I am wondering how I know which direction to put the switches in on the anushri? for both SPDT and SPST

Either way. They’re non-polarity

maybe just put them all in the same direction for esthetical reasons only, so the washers are oriented all the same.

so, no matter which direction I put it, “on” will be in the up position and “off” will be down position for the SPDT?

(I ended up just zooming in hardcore on one of the trusted builders pics and saw that the little tab on each of switches want facing the bottom of the board, and so did mine the same)

that all depends on the wiring which is on and off. but since this is hardwired (pcb) there’s nothing to worry about. it would be different if one of the switches hat one momentary position. in that case the orientation would be important but since both sides act the same here it’s just a visual thing how you put them in.

Sweet! thanks. I suppose that is why it is not specified.