Direct update of static data with sysex?

Is it possible to update some static data in the firmware by sending sysex messages to the Shruthi directly without having to change the code and to rebuild the executable ?

I’m thinking of a sort of editor or application which would allow its user to modify e.g. the alternate tunings, or to replace some built-in wavetables with user wavetables. I’m aware that sending wrong data to a wrong address could damage the firmware, so the editor should give access to non sensitive static data only.

Would it be conceivable to document the addresses and the format of the static data so that they could be updated by sysex ?

Data like tuning tables, built-in wavetables etc. are stored in flash. The flash can only be updated from code running in the bootloader section of the chip. The bootloader (which is a small 1k blob of code) is designed to only allow a full upgrade of the flash (rather than surgical strikes - which would make it too complex and go above the 1k limit). So you could write a utility that patches the vanilla firmware .hex file, and then do a bulk update.