Diodes - can I use 2.4v in place of 3.6v?

I ordered 8x 2.4v 1B5221 instead of 3.5v - can these be used in place or have I not given enough info? For voice cards svf and 4pm

Resonance will sound different, for sure! The BOM specifies 3.6V because that’s what I thought sounded better.

These parts are cheap, better to order the right ones to get expected results?

Oh for sure - I do t suppose anyone has any in aust I can pay them backg

Jaycar stores stock a range of Zener diodes - their catalogue lists a 1W 3.6V Zener. I’m sure RS-Online has them too, with free delivery from their Sydney warehouse in just a few days. S-Online prices tend to be quite a bit higher than elsewhere (except Jaycar, which is a bricks-and-mortar operations), but for a few missing components, you can’t beat free delivery from their Wetherill Park warehouse in Sydney, where they seem to have quite a lot in stock.

^^^ thank you sir that’s excellent and great for the future as well. Where do you buy your stuff from?

Digi-Key or Mouser, in > $200 orders. Digi-Key delivers from the US in under 5 days. Note that it is always worth comparing cost paying in US dollars (with the currency conversion by your credit card provider), or in AUD, with the vendor doing the conversion. Usually better to pay in US dollars, even though you miss out on free shipping.

But for anything I’ve forgotten or missed, RS-Online Australia is usually good and for small quantities their prices don’t matter, given the free courier delivery, usually in two or three days. Jaycar is a last resort if you need something right away, on the weekend, if they have it. element14 in Oz also do free delivery for orders over $45 dollars, and they also have a local warehouse and deliver quickly.