Dinotreffen No.2 in Borken, Germany Nov 17th

Guys, i just got an Place to exhibit at the Dinotreffen in Borken tomorrow (i was #1 on the waiting list…)- if someones near, come and visit us!

Il be showing:

  • Shruthi-1 XT SMRmk1
  • Shruthi-1 XT Digital Filter
  • Shruthi-1 XT CEM 3379
  • Shruthi-1 PoliVoks
  • Shruthi-1 4 Pole Mission
  • Shruthi-1 Yellow Magic
  • MidiPal
  • Anushri
  • Ambika

I am pretty sure you will see an Arturia MiniBrute too.

SCNR :slight_smile:

Noooooooooooooo, unbelievable, I’m living in one the most boring regions of Germany and then there is such a great event just a few kilometers away and I have no time :(((((

No time is no excuse if you live like me here in nowhere land… MAKE IT HAPPEN

Unfortunately it’s not possible … First a football derby and then my best friend’s birthday party … Hopefully there will be some videos or photos…

You can turn it into a surprise event for your friend’s birthday.


we start at 1700… and i have to show you things that next to noeone has seen before :wink:

oh… tomorrow?
that’s too short a time frame, i’d have to put my pcbs in enclosures first :smiley:

Naked is working enough :wink:

@fcd72 will there be a stall , selling coloured cases and kits? :wink:

good luck Frank! looks like a cool get together

Only Programmers…

Here are some Pictures from yesternights Dinosauriertreffen in Bocholt

Special Price for the most obscure combination of Synthesizer:

And a Price for extraordinary Metal Work:

And last but not least a Mutable Instruments Evangelist Setup - actually mine:


Love the custom metalwork!


That’s your beard ? FATTTTTTTT

Here is an article from the local NewsPaper
and more Pics

Does anyone know the name of the keyboard on the desk with the metal work (better view on http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldbrian/8195168515/in/set-72157632036015845 )? I remember friends of my parents had one of those in their living room in the 80s but I wasn’t yet interested in synthesis techniques back then. From the sound I remember, I would guess it was some Yamaha FM preset thing…


Yamaha? Looks mor like DIY to me.

Just found out it’s a Yamaha PortaSound PS-3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMkSuu1Xz0Y