Digitech studio Quad PSU pinout

I recently picked up a digitech studio quad second hand, without a power supply, on the basis that it was cheap, and I’d probably have a supply knocking around that’d do the trick. Unfortunately, it’s a 9VAC input with a 4-pin DIN connection; I can make up a PSU easy enough, but I can’t find out the pinout anywhere. Does anyone know the pinout, or have one that they can buzz out the supply on to find out?

Sorry I can’t help. I went through exactly the same issue and just ended up buying a supply. It was easier in the end. I have the v2 version. It’s a nice unit.

This is what I used. Same power supply as the Korg Radias requires. Amazon Link

You could see what the pinout is of you opened it up. But the price for that adapater on Amazon is very reasonable.

Also i have seen that some Rocktron units use a similar power supply so that could result in some other supplies being out there.

Hi; Sorry I’ve been kind of late on replying; I had a look at the amazon psu, but I a) couldn’t find one in the UK and b) kind of want to keep my costs down, as I don’t know if it works until I get it fired up. The item itself was cheap, and I don’t want to end up spending more on the PSU than the item (although that may end up the case).
I’ve popped the top on it, anyhow, and given it a buzz through; From what I can tell, the left and right hand pairs of pins are connected together, with the left hand pins forming the ground and the right hand pair connected to live. I’ve dug out an old DIN connector that should do the trick with a few tweaks, so all that’s left is a 9VAC PSU; Finding it hard to find anything at a reasonable price, so I may end up patching up a 12vDC supply, ditching the rectifier, like here; http://www.instructables.com/id/9VAC-power-supply-for-x0xb0x/step2/Theory-of-operation/