Digital Warrior Sequencer

Hello everybody,
First of all I would like to thank Olivier and anybody contributing for making these amazing instruments! I’ve been drooling over a Shruthi for quite a while now and finally got one as soon as I got some cash to spare. Totally loving it!

I’ve been working on DIY MIDI controllers myself for some time now. And one of my recent projects involved a step sequencer controller for Traktor. But after getting the Shruthi I decided to rewrite some parts of the firmware and make a stand alone sequencer for computerless setups. Anyway, here’s a little quick jam to show it off :slight_smile: Let me know what you think

Looks cool, what are you planning on doing with it?

Well it was designed mostly as a MIDI controller, with Traktor’s remix decks in mind as a drum machine with one shot samples. Though lately I’ve been trying to escape the laptop realm, so I will try to pack as much stuff in it as possible for stand alone operation. Though it would be quite tricky to use without a display.

Also I’ve got couple of kits for sale here

I must say that I have skipped on it when it came out mainly because it was targeted to DJs using Traktor, which is not my case. But I really liked the idea of having a really small button matrix with a bunch of knobs.
So these sound like great news to me.
For me the main thing really missing (and holding me back from getting a kit) is the lack of DIN MIDI.
For the rest a small 32-step sequencer would be really handy.

Oh I did add a MIDI Out DIN cable through a 3.5mm jack, that’s going to Shruthi’s input there :slight_smile:

I finally buy a new, non DIY piece of gear when it comes out, and someone makes an awesome DIY version. Well, there is always room for more. :slight_smile:

@ghztomash: oh cool, well in that case, I’m interested. honestly since the built unit costs just 40€ more than the kit, I’d go with a built one. Just need to see if the budget is available :slight_smile:

There are some things that are not totally clear to me about the Digital Warrior…
Does it need external MIDI sync for the sequencer to run? I.e. no internal clock?
What about sequencer warp modes (up, down, ping-pong, random)?
What about uneven sequencer lenghts, like having different lenghts for different channels?
Sorry I looked at the online documentation, but I couldn’t find these information.

You know where to find one when you’re ready :wink:

Any ideas to suggest or stuff you would like to see in the sequencer while I’m still working on it?

@rumpelfilter I’m still working on the stand alone sequencer firmware, so its not officially released or documented yet. So in the demo above the Warrior acts as a clock master( internal clock), and in the second channel I’m changing the length of the sequencer like you mention.
Warp modes would be a good addition :slight_smile:

a finished alternative firmware finally released
more info here

and here

hey tomash! looks mighty good! When do you think the new version with display will be available?
I need to sell my MTRX8 sequencer before I get a new one though…

should be ready by some time in October. I’m currently abroad so can’t work on anything.
Hmmm hows that MTRX8?

it’s like this:
there’s a new one called MTRX-S, which is identical to the one I have just smaller. It’s actually a pretty cool device, with the recent seq x4 firmware (there are multiple firmwares) you get 4 indelendent sequencer tracks with 36 steps each. the MTRX-8 is just a bit too bulky for me.

Here are some of the latest developments

will be doing a pre-order run after the end of the month.

Ah, you’re the guy who made the 303 clone using the x0x heart! This sequencer looks cool. I’ll have to check out all the features when I’m not so busy at work :confused: