Digital FX BOM error


I might be wrong but

C16 Ceramic cap 470p 1 KERKO 220P […]
should be
C16 Ceramic cap 470p 1 KERKO 470 P […]

and reichelt’s reference GS28 for DIP socket doesn’t fit the ATMega 328P width…



Thanks. I haven’t found an equivalent for the 28 DIP socket on Reichelt :frowning:

Hopefully, I’m living in a city where an electronic components supplier operates ! :wink:

Yo Guys,

Reichtelts GS28 will fit (7,6somtehing mm spacing), they only have just one Pic for all Sockets from 4 to 65536 Pins…

Rastermaß 15,24 mm. Shouldn’t it be 7.62?

I just checked, for the 28 pole sockets there are 2 versions, apparently we need the GS28-S

which has the “small” form factor (7.62mm). The GS-28 ( WITHOUT S ) is wider - anybody knows of a 28 pin wide chip??!?

It’s sure GS28 doesn’t fit…I had the surprise yesterday :wink:

yup the SID has 28 pins, wide body

The CEM3396 is also wide body (but 24 pins only).

Thanx guys for enlighten me…