Digital/FX board help

Hey guys,

So I’m building the shruthi with a digi/fx board as a part of my senior project (I’m currently finishing up High School at the moment), and I was hoping for some help, specifically which components are polarized on the digi board( and which side is positive/negative) as well as which parts of this board I should be aware of that are a little tricky for a beginner to solder/notice.

Thanks in advance

Did you build a shruthi smr4 kit before this? Do you have some experience soldering?
If you take a look at the build instructions of the smr4 you will see that all parts are explained that have a polarity. The digital board uses basically the same kind of parts only different values those.
Also take a good look at the picture and the drawing of the digital fx board. For the big capacitors you will see that there is a + sign. That is where the longest lead goes in. Capacitors that are polarized usually also have a stripe indicating the negative side.
Other parts to pay attention to are the diodes, leds and IC’s.
On the board there are 2 caps marked NP wich means Non Polarized.

Building such a well documented Kit can be a Senior Project?

Thanks you guys!

I do have experience soldering, and have already finished the control board(besides the LED screen and the connector to the two boards.
@fcd72 this actually does count for a senior project, since before I started working on this I never soldered anything, plus I’m learning a lot about the components and what they do as well. Besides, my school doesn’t give us enough time for me to make something less documented anyway.