Digital FX Board C7 Alternative

Yesterday I noticed, that I forgot to order the film caps for my digital fx board. (C7, C4, C5, etc…)
The 10nf MKS are available at my local electronix store, the 1nf (C7) however isn’t.
So before place another order at Reichelt, just to get this cap, I wonder if it can be replaced with:

• ceramic cap
• film cap with a lead spacing of 5 mm

How important is the voltage rating of this cap?

(At the moment c7 also is not available at Farnell)

Thanks for help,

Ceramic cap -> you might try it if the ceramic cap has a good tolerance. This is a filter, so any cap value off by more than 5% will cause a serious “bump” in the frequency response.

Film cap with a lead spacing of 5mm -> depends… WIMA parts have short leads and if you bend them they will be too short to fit in the board. Some other manufacturers of caps ship their film caps with longer leads and then it’s OK to bend them.

managed to get both wima film caps!

segor ( is a really nice store in berlin, they have an awesome choice of parts in their store to pick up!