Digital Filter Module


Rossum Morpheus. Digital and very powerful, a lot more powerful than the old z-plane filters as you can now sweep through more than one axis.


How much would 6 voices of what I described cost? (12 plaits, 24 VCA, a few modulators, 6 filters, a few mixers. 6-12 Buffered Multiple modules…, 6-21 Env Generators, etc… all that gets very expensive!


I really enjoy using the Rosseum Electro-Music Morpheus, which is kind of what was described in the OP.


That filter looks amazing!


I have one. If there’s one criticism of Rossum stuff, it is very deep and complex. Buttons and programming to do. Great for geeks, not so great for the one knob per function crowd.

Z-plane filters are pretty much the sound of Drum n Bass, since lots of people used Emu samplers with z-plane filters.

In case anyone doesn’t know Dave Rossum, he founded E-mu. He’s pretty much doing modules for fun now, I don’t think he really needs the money.


I’ve found that true with his Control Forge, but don’t find myself getting lost in the Morpheus’ UI. Yes there are menus, but you could certainly use the module and get lots out of it without ever using one.


I just remembered I own a multi digital filter-ish unit. I forgot I had it since I use mostly analog filters. This is a guitar pedal though, but it is a synth-esque filter. I do like it. Since it would normally go through a tube amp and real air before the sound gets miked, it will sound quite “natural”.

I have not run an oscillator through it though.