Digital filter/FX board BOM


Beside my order today for Shruthi-1 4PM I also ordered filter/FX board kit as well but I am not sure what else I should buy from Digital/FX filter board BOM.

Is there similar BOM like Shruthi-1 4PM BOM that I can order full list with one click from or any other European based online shop ?
If not should I order full list of filter/FX board BOM one by one ? Do you have any recommended online shop based on Germany/France or Switzerland that I can all pieces from BOM ?


Reichelt will give you most of the standard parts, but you also need some audio/non-polarized electrolytic caps and some other bits that Reichelt don’t stock.

And oh: Look here

1 or 2 users have created their own BOM’s for some of the boards. You should be able to find them on the forums [edit] link in post above!
Other than that, you only have the one here:
If you have to enter in the part numbers 1 at a time, then so be it. You’ll soon get used to doing it quite quickly :wink: And the digi board doesn’t have so many parts either…

The BOM here is for Digikey (USA), Farnell(UK) and Reichelt(Germany). I’ve found that for me (in the UK) Reichelts delivery charges for small orders meant it costs me about the same to order from Digikey in the US (even after taxes/import costs).
I use Farnell for some parts, but not everything, as some mundane parts like capacitors have to be imported on special order. Which incur extra charges. So again, I just go with Digikey for most parts. They are convenient, and it does’t really cost me much, if anything more.

It will become a bit more cost effective for larger orders. So maybe consider building 2 or 3 boards, instead of only 1 :slight_smile: