Digital Filter Board 8poles Chebyshev

I build up the DSP-Hardware and after no sound I checked the signalpath and on pin 1 IC2A and before R8 is the last place where i can measure the signal. then comes the filter but the level is very very low. Are the Resistor Levels from R8 47k R9 3,3k and so on correct?
I changed the IC1 with IC2 but still the same result . i bridge pin1 ic2a with Brickwalled and input the led lights up.
Is there a thread with testing trobleshooting for the DSP-Board?

There’s not much that can go wrong… You should have signal (progressively filtered) on IC1A, IC1B, IC1C, IC1D.

The values on the schematics are correct.

Does the op-amp correctly receive power (+5V on pin4)? Do you use a TLV2474 as IC1?