Digital > Dual SVF Board Connections

What’s the minimum needed in terms of Digital board > Dual SVF board connections to tune the 2 filters?


You absolutely need the 8 standard lines (+5V, GND … CV1, CV2).

By not connecting the 6 other lines, you rely on the 595 being initialized to output a bunch of 0s to the 4053 (so that the filters are configured in LP//LP). I am not sure it’ll always work, but you can give it a try.

Thanks pichenettes. Looks like I’ll need some more of those little male>female leads then. Could you possible tell me what they’re called (I mean the ones that you put in the Shruthi-1 kits for testing)?


Incidentally, the Dual SVF sounds pretty good, on first listen. A definite thumbs up for that! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to getting it all tuned and ready to go.


M/F Jumper wires