Digital Control Board Test with Blank ATMega644p?

Is it possible to do the power test for the digital control board with a blank ATMega644p? Or would I see something different on the LEDs prior to dumping the Shruthi-1 hex build?

you would see xactly nothing, like your car would not move without the motor installed…

What do you mean by “power test”?

Step 11: a first test!

As said before, a Shruthi with a non-flashed ATmega is like a car without a motor. It won’t do anything. You could as well not plug in the Chip.

Doh, ok. Gotta figure out how to flash this thing then.

It’s described on this page
You wil need a programmer if you start from a blank chip.

Yea…isn’t there a method to flash it via usb midi in?

You need the special bootloader to flash via midi. You can use a proper AVR programmer, Arduino, usb-ttl breakout board or some other microcontroller board.

yea, make syx or make midi right? I’m using Arduino and I’m having some technical difficulties getting the whole build compiled. Also is a usb-ttl breakout board really necessary when I could use the shruthi digital control board?

You need an AVR programmer to flash a blank ATMega chip. An ATMega can be flashed over serial/MIDI/USB whatever only when a bootloader supporting this feature has been flashed into them; bootstrapping a blank chip can only be done through an atmel ISP programmer or a device emulating it.

Oh, ok, thank you. Sounds like I have a lot to learn. I was going to try and flash my ATMega with it in the shruthi pcb dip socket with the midi in, like how you would update the firmware, lol.

Are there any AVR programming tutorials out there you recommend?

I just recalled reading,
“OR you can also use the firmware update by MIDI procedure described at the end of the user manual. It will take longer to load your program using this method (1 min vs 5s) – thus it is recommended only if you are really scared of wires and circuits”

Has anyone flashed their ATMega like this before?

As I have said, the MIDI procedure cannot be used to bootstrap a blank chip. It can be used to upgrade a chip that has already been flashed with the Shruthi-1 bootloader. This is mentioned in the firmware section because some people are doing some experimentations with the firmware code and want to try it on their (already running) Shruthi-1 without buying a programmer. I think that’s what shiftr did for example when he wanted to get the MIDIpal code to run on the Shruthi-1.

Think about it for a second. Do you really think a chip you have bought blank from Mouser would know anything about MIDI?

Either you buy your chips programmed from me, or you use an AVR programmer (or anything pretending to be an AVR programmer) to bootstrap a blank chip.