Digital control board IC2 IC3: socket or not socket?

The assembly instructions say “If you want to socket the two ICs, use a very flat socket!”

I don’t want to fry the ICs when soldering, so I prefer to use sockets (this is my very 1st DIY projet).

It seems to me the sockets provided with the kit are not specially flat. Could someone please confirm they are slim enough to allow for casing the PCB in the standard acrylic case ?

Using sockets is nothing unmanly. I do it too, it’s easier for testing and troubleshooting.
Believe me, desoldering a 40-pin IC is far more painful.

Im unmanly as nightworxx can approve so i SOCKET EVERY SINGLE F******G CHIP even for my 4578691th DIY Project. I can confirm every socket fits under the Standard Case as you have 11mm of Airspace above the PCB. Well - a Textool might need and extra slot for the Lever, though.

I have updated the assembly instructions - sockets are now provided with the kits anyway, and they have been given a very specific diet of muesli and dried bananas to get them in shape!

I was manly enough to solder them without sockets - one of them in the wrong direction. Because for some reason I couldn’t de-solder the whole thing, I sacrificed the IC in order not to damage the board. Use sockets!


Yeah, real man solder without sockets but the wrong way…

Sockets here as well. Frank’s cases (the standard cases) have plenty of room. His case take into account everything, seen and unseen in all known universes. Olivier’s designs also, but he might be targeting unknown universes as well. Synthesis for sentient beings everywhere - beyond merely manly. Manly was before the eurorack stuff.

Guitarists are “manly”. Some smell even like this.

“Sock et sock et”… Its what I tell the wifey.