Digital Board Ceramic CAP 18P

Hi there

Little question. I don’t have 18P. Is it possible to use another value? Or should i wait and order some?


if you have 20 or more likely 22p that should work too.

I assume those are for the oscillator? If you self-sources, the specifications of the quartz should include the capacities that are required to make it oscillate in a stable way - go with that value. Offhand, with the quartzes that are specified in the different BOMs, 22pF should work OK. The Ambika board is silkscreened with 18p but in fact 22p was supplied with the kits.


I need them for the digitalboard where i mount the lcd. i only need two of them C6 and C7…

So i can go with 20 or 22p right? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.


yes, 20p is not a common value. but stores where you can find 22p will also have 18p

Ok… I have 22p… :wink: So i will mount this thing… :slight_smile: Thank you rosch!