Digisound in eurorack


I’ve been working on the reissue of some Digisound modules in eurorack.
In the middle of last year, I made a reissue of the VCDO and the VCO/LFO.


Eagle and FPE files available for download.

Should release 2 more modules this month.
Stay tuned !


So this plays wavetables straight from EEPROM to parallel DAC. Looks very 80’s indeed :+1:


Yes, clocked by a square wave from a CEM 3340 VCO chip! Very hybrid!

I have an original Digisound-80, but without a VCDO module (but still space left in the rack for a pair of them) - see https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1335294 It should be possible to use this Pharmasonic module to fill that gap (if I can find some original Digisound-80 faceplates for them), +/-15V vs +/-12V power differences notwithstanding. And add some Digisound modules to my Eurorack. I love the soft-sync on the CEM3340 VCO (and it does linear FM really well).


Very interesting. Where are there sounds…


PCB, schematics & ROM files:
I use the new CEM3340 chips for both the VCDO and VCO but equivalent such as the Alfa AS3340 should work the same.