Digisound in eurorack

I’ve been working on the reissue of some Digisound modules in eurorack.
In the middle of last year, I made a reissue of the VCDO and the VCO/LFO.


Eagle and FPE files available for download.

Should release 2 more modules this month.
Stay tuned !

So this plays wavetables straight from EEPROM to parallel DAC. Looks very 80’s indeed :+1:

Yes, clocked by a square wave from a CEM 3340 VCO chip! Very hybrid!

I have an original Digisound-80, but without a VCDO module (but still space left in the rack for a pair of them) - see https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1335294 It should be possible to use this Pharmasonic module to fill that gap (if I can find some original Digisound-80 faceplates for them), +/-15V vs +/-12V power differences notwithstanding. And add some Digisound modules to my Eurorack. I love the soft-sync on the CEM3340 VCO (and it does linear FM really well).

Very interesting. Where are there sounds…

PCB, schematics & ROM files:
I use the new CEM3340 chips for both the VCDO and VCO but equivalent such as the Alfa AS3340 should work the same.

Some news…
In addition to the VCDO and VCO/LFO the following Digisound modules are now available in eurorack:

VCDO(s) and other euro Digisound modules in action:

PCBs, full kits and prebuilt modules now available in my shop.