DigikeyBOM Discrepancies/SSM2044 build notes

The 470u caps I got from Digikey (part#P10301-ND) are pretty darn tall (20mm according to data sheet). I’m not positive, because I’m not using the acrylic enclosure, but I think that case comes with M3x20 standoffs which might not provide enough clearance between the top of the cap and the DCB.

Also from Digikey, the 1x8 connectors for the DCB (Part#3M9452-ND) and the 1x8 connectors for the SSM2044 board (part#3M9518-ND) don’t reach each other. I don’t think they would meet even if the caps were shorter. So that would affect other boards too.

Not really a problem for me so I don’t have alternate parts suggestions, this is just a heads up for those of you about to build one of these boards. Or any board that you want to build using the Digikey BOM parts.

Cheers and happy building. :wink:

youre supposed to use 2 of the female 1x8 connectors

Stacked? OK.

But if it’s sandwich style, or a french word I can’t spell but I can say, where the male is in the middle, then should the BoMs not include 1 3M9518s for both boards? Hmm?

I thought because this board didn’t come with detailed instruction I didn’t need any at all.
Just kidding, I kid.
I just read the instructions and they are contrary to what my photographic memory has on file.

…Caps are still tall.

Simple: the connector in the middle of the sandwich is not on the BOM of the filter board since it is not attached to it.

I haven’t found any part on digikey with long enough legs - you have to do with the parts sold at various places (sparkfun, adafruit) for arduino shields.

Oh, that’s how you spell it.

I have a bunch of the short legged header things… But none of the stackable ones with the longer legs. So I cheated and simply soldered on some legs removed from other components to the regular header. Works perfect! Doesn’t look quite as neat, but you don’t really see it anyway. Especially in the coloured cases that im currently using.