DigiKey switch caps

Having had a big bag of these things a couple of weeks ago, from the last bulk order, I now find myself 6 black caps short for the new boards I’ve just bought.
Anyone doing a Digi-Key order imminently, I can tag onto?


Where are you located? I will order in the next few days.

I’m in the UK. flip.


Germany here. So shouldn’t be too expensive to ship to you.

So, 6 black switch caps? I’ll update you as soon as I place the order.

Brilliant, thanks flip :slight_smile:


Sorry to be a pain, flip, but could I possibly add these, too?

6x P3L2503-ND Logarithmic pot



No problem at all. Might take a few days until I place the order though. It’s a long weekend here, starting with a bank holiday tomorrow, and I won’t be home most of the time, so it might be Monday.

That’s fine. I’m not in a massive hurry for those items, really. It’ll probably be a while before I get around to making up the Control board, anyway.
Hoping to do the Dual SVF first.


@flip if you haven’t sent the order yet, don’t bother with the 6x pots. I’m going to get those from Mouser, as I have to put in an order there, anyway.


Hey toneburst!

Have not ordered yet, I hope I will find the time to place the order today!

@flip No problem, thanks for letting me know!


Yo toneburst!

just to let you know, I ordered yesterday. I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Thanks flip.