Digikey order Europe. Who wants to join?

you still looking for comrades in this?
i need a few hours to check what i really need…

Sorry rosch, a little too late, I already ordered… :confused:

np! i’m so lazy with going through boms atm. but i know i need to do that soon…

am i too late???
If not i need 1 red and one grey switchcap, 4 shruthi knobs with red line, and one knob for encoder.

you should read the 2 comments above yours, flo :wink:


@fcd72: “…there are much more Knobe to choose from…”. At Reichelt or somewhere else? Which knobs for the Reichelt RK09K113-LIN10K would you use?

Lasse deinen Emotionen freien Lauf, Luke