Digikey order Europe. Who wants to join?


I need a few parts I cannot get easily here in Germany…
Does anyone need something? 30 more Euros to go for free shipping.

Here is what I need:

Part / Count / Digikey Part

Linear pot 10k / 14 / P3K1103-ND

Logarithmic pot 100k or 50k / 6 / P3L2503-ND

Tact switch / 16 / EG1821-ND

DC Jack / 3 / CP-102A-ND

Caps white / 12 / EG1088-ND

Caps grey / 12 / EG1082-ND

Quartz 20Mhz / 2 / 887-1023-ND


Linear Pots, DC Jacks, Quartz you can easily order from Reichelt.

Linear pots only with round shaft at Reichelt, DC jacks not for the old PCBs… maybe with some leg clipping… quartz is OK like I said.

Since i only use Knobs for round shafts I’m fine with that - there are much more Knobe to choose from. You may drill the Hole for the DC Jacks, the ones with the smaller Pins are somehow out of the standard Spec.

Round shafts would be OK, if I would find matching 100k/50k log pots for the sidekick. Reichelt only has 10k :frowning:

OK I just entered everything at Digikey and got to 35,05 Euro. 30 more for the free shipping. Anyone from Europe need something? I’ll do the ordering. This thread is now about a Digikey order for Europeans :))

Ill participate with some Switches (40) and Black Caps (35) and RedCaps (5)…

Cool, 6,61 Euro missing! :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I find something else I need…

OK, I added a few NP caps, now its over 65. I’ll order any second now, last chance to join :wink:

switchcaps for me too! 15 black ones please
am I too late?

No, no problems :slight_smile:

Can someone confirm if this would fit on the Sidekick?

Or this one maybe?

you mean for the saw square switches? they are much to big I think

Oh OK, I thought it was only the lever that was so short.

i did’nt build the sidekick yet but i just order all the parts and i think this switches are the right ones.
great you will get the switchcaps! that were the only parts i didn’t have yet

Yes, they are, as stated in the BOM. I was hoping I could avoid ordering from Farnell too…

i only saw the first link you posted … i looks that the second ones you posted might fit.

Mouser 612-200-A1121 also works, and probably Farnell 9473041 (don’t trust the photo on the site!). They have a longer lever but still fit the small PCB holes.

Anything from Digikey or Reichelt maybe? :wink: